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The first Hosers® Car Wash in Frankford started in the year 2000. Two guys, Brent Vreugdenhil and John Scheerhoorn (brother-in-laws) who both have construction background decided to build a 2 bay carwash in Frankford and see how it went.

It went so well they decided to build a 6 bay on Millenium Parkway in Belleville.

Brent & John went on to build a 6 bay at 185 College St. East in Belleville, this time adding 2 truck bays, an automatic car wash and a water refill station in 2002.

In 2003, a 4 bay self-serve car wash with vacuum & shampoo was built in Stirling.

The name Hosers was officially trade marked in 2004.

In 2007, College Street East had two transport truck bays, a water refill station and a touchless automatic added along with two more vacuums for detailing.

Finally, in 2008 a new automatic car wash, water refill station and pet wash was added behind the 6 self serve bays on Millenium Parkway in Belleville.

Hosers® Name

Brent, his wife Stefanie, John and his wife Monique were sitting around trying to figure out what to call the car wash. The women wanted something nice while the guys wanted something people would remember. Nobody could agree so finally Monique said jokingly, "We might as well call it 'Hosers' since we live in Canada!" Brent and John's eyes lit up and to the girls dismay, Hosers® was born.