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Hosers® Pet Wash

Come and experience a great way to wash your pet and keep your house clean at the same time. The pet wash has tearless shampoo, flea & tick shampoo, an oatmeal treatment (for sensitive skin), conditioner and a heated blow dryer. Believe me your pet will thank you! The pet wash is available 24 hours a day at 31 Millennium Parkway in Belleville.

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Hosers® Truck Bay

For those large tracter trailers, RV's or vehicles that are hard to fit in a regular bay, use our 2 truck bays that are located at our car wash at 185 College Street East in Belleville. The bays are extra high and wide to make your cleaning experience great.


Self serve bays are located at all four of our locations. Just $3.00 gives 4 minutes to use any of the 7 functions: Presoak, Tire Cleaner, Foaming Brush, High Pressure Soap, Rinse, Clear Coat Sealant and Spot Free Rinse. When you're finished washing, use our great detailing islands including vacuums, shampooers and vending products.

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Automatic Car Wash

For the best cleaning results while never leaving your car, try our fully automatic car washes located at 31 Millennium Parkway and 185 College Street East, Belleville. We use only the best chemicals and technology to give your car that just waxed look. Our automatics are totally touchless so only the water and soaps come into contact with your vehicle. Washes start at $7.00 including tax.

Water Refill Station

Try one of our two water refill locations at 31 Millennium Parkway and 185 College Street East, Belleville. Our water goes through a multi step process of charcoal filters and reverse osmosis to give you clean potable water every time. Each refill comes with a free ozone bottle rinse and replacement cap. Our water is tested by an independent lab to ensure its quality. Get a 5 gallon jug refilled for $2.50 or refill 4 - 5 gallon jugs for $9.00. Open 24 hours 7 days a week.

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